Sectional Garage Doors Pros and Cons

The sectional door is distinguished by hinged horizontal panels, every attached to a doorway trail also operates as an overhead garage doorway by rolling back and forth resting against the ceiling soffit in open position. If you’re thinking about installing these doors for your garage, the pros and cons to help you. If you are looking more information & Tips Albuquerque New Mexico garage door repair.


As with other overhead door solutions, the sectional garage doorway moves in the vertical plane, unlike hinged doors that desire a clearance in the plan to accommodate the door swing. This allows the maximization of this doorway thickness and also cars can enter without any restrictions.

The doors go along tracks vertically and don’t kick out such as tilt-up doors. This allows the vehicle to be pushed to the shutter deal with without obstructing the doorway operation. This is most appreciated at which the driveway lengths are short and the cars will need to park very close to the door. Even if other objects are placed close to the shutter face, door operation is unhindered.

Security and management

Sectional garage doors offer the high level of security and also the rubber seals on the doorway perimeter check wind drafts and dust from blowing into the garage door. It is also possible to open the garage incrementally in various positions to allow ventilation when cutting out glare from the sun.


These doors could be automatic both through installation and after as an afterthought. Electric garage door openers may be used for automation.

The common materials are steel, fiberglass and timber with a vast variety of colors and finishes. Selection can also be made between insulated and non-insulated panels.



Exactly the various parts of the mechanism can create installation quite tricky and professional expertise is always recommended to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Durability and upkeep

Sectional doors possess lesser durability as in comparison with lift-up options. Since they’ve multiple parts, they truly are more inclined to experience damages and call for the frequent replacement. Regular servicing regimes between cleaning and lubrication are expected for their own upkeep.

The horizontal aspect of panels does not resist impact loads as favorably as rolling shutters and wood garage doors will need frequent repainting and conditioning.


Information on these performance characteristics of sectional garage doors can assist you in the selection.